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A brief account of grammar checker Grammarly – who should use it?

Whether you are a native English writer or you write articles in English as your second language, grammar checker Grammarly can prove to be a wonderful online software that you can download and install from Google or another browser that you use – at the drop of a hat.

When it comes to choosing the required program where you need to use grammar checker Grammarly, you can choose one and it will automatically start working there with its prominent icon.

How to use grammar checker Grammarly?

Visit the Grammarly website, sign up using your email address, and then download the software or program in your PC. After the installation is over, you can reopen the program such as MS Word, and the icon of the program or software named grammar checker Grammarly will be there to serve you.

Whey use grammar checker Grammarly?

Proverbially speaking; ‘to err is human & to correct is ‘Grammarly’. Even though you can correct the grammatical mistakes on your own by rereading it thoroughly but it is a time-consuming approach. The best part about Grammarly is that it works as an editor, teacher, and leader, saving your cerebral energy and valuable time.

Premium & Free Versions

Even though you can make use of ‘Grammarly’ for free as long as you are using its basic version with basic features, you can purchase its premium version that is way more advanced. Especially when talking about non-native writes, they must purchase a premium version to sound like native writers. For native writers, it is great to buy a premium version to add value to their writings even more.


Whether you use a free version of ‘Grammarly’ or premium, it can help you improve and correct your writing skills with a bang. This is why the use of ‘Grammarly’ is increasing with each passing day in programs like MS Word as well as on websites, blogs, and social media platforms.