Top 7 Business Apps for Investment and Financing

Check credit score with Credit Karma

It allows you to check out your credit score and that too for free. You can keep monitoring credit updates as reported by bureaus. While you check out your score, there will be no fine print or catches.

If you trade in the stock market and wish to stay abreast with stock market news, you need to install the finance and stock apps. It will get easier to track the market and collect information. Certain mobile apps offer the latest stock prices and track the market movement in real time.

Are you in hunt for the best applications for? There are a lot many apps that may be downloaded and benefited from. Overall they are cool, functional and are extremely useful. To get the latest news on the stock market and business, you can simply access the app.

And stay updated. You can download the apps from the stores and start reaping benefits. Shares and equities are such commodities of general finance that can bring about huge returns. In fact, the best part is that all the apps may be downloaded free of cost.

Connect to E* Trade with E*TRADE App
E* TRADE is the free application which connects one to the E*TRADE account online and thus you can trade anytime and anywhere. For many brokers, this is the best mobile app.
The CNBC real time app
Are you looking to view the real time quotes? This app allows you to check out the real time quote both during and before the market hours. Apart from this, it has other features as well.
View mint.com with Mint
Looking to view your Mint account on your Smartphone device? Why not consider Mint.com. The fantastic app can fabulously manage credit cards, bank accounts, goals and your budgets.

You can view the live price charts, check out the CNBC video clips or conveniently manage your watch list.

Yahoo! Finance: the best free stock Yahoo app

If you are looking to avail Yahoo Finance at its finest, check out the Yahoo! Finance app which is again absolutely free. Those who have downloaded this app, they found it very useful. It helps in managing the View Videos, your watch list and researched stocks.

Since the time it was brought out in the year 2009, it has seen the maximum downloads.

International market news with Bloomberg

Wondering how can you catch on the international stock market news? Bloomberg is one such free app that gives you live market news on international market. Its homepage is completely customizable and thus you can read up the headlines for any of Bloomberg category.